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I travelled up to Darlington yesterday to attend the launch of Peter Shuker’s book which, thanks to Peter’s diary-keeping over a long and full FE career, provided me with some reminders of 1988-2007 period ILT-related events that I’d forgotten about! Peter made a great contribution to the FE sector and I was priveliged to work with him.

Kevin Donovan and I took the train back to York together and had a good chat before going our separate ways. My main contact with Kevin was during the time he did such a good job of energising the QUILT programme which had emerged from the Higginson recommendations, and I remembered the Student Tracking project which must have been one of the early QUILT products.

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  • Chris West  On January 5, 2011 at 10:44

    I was sorry to miss the launch of Peter’s book due to other commitments and the weather. I have now recxieved acopy in the post and am enjoyed reading it and recalling memories of FE

  • Kevin Donovan  On May 14, 2011 at 13:57

    As you know I’ve just (this morning!) caught up with your new presence on the web. It’s an excellent repository and synthesis of some key ideas in our world (or the world which we once inhabited more actively!).
    It was very heartening to see you again on that Darlington trip – so especial thanks for the kind mention here. Not blowing my own trumpet (QUILT was most definitely a team initiative) but it’s pretty amazing that the conclusions that Danny Atwere and I reached in the article you reference still apply all those years later. (But are they listening?!!!):
    “In conclusion and summary, what do we know about ILT staff development on the basis of the QUILT experience and its menu of activities? A successful programme must relate to
    the overall mission of an organization and, to do this, it should include all staff and be part of a coherent approach, which embraces policy, strategy and operation. Within this wider approach small-scale action projects produce results: staff are motivated by involvement
    and outcomes often exceed what might be expected from small investment. Training and consultancy can come in many guises (relevant events, peer support and so on), but they
    breed enthusiasm if this is harnessed and given continued resources over time. Similarly information and inspiration can come in a variety of media but must be linked to practical applications: staff constantly seek ways to make their work more interesting and productive and the experience of the QUILT programme is that exposure to new ideas can be infectious.”

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