And A Perceptive Look Forward!

A most interesting item on my reading list right now is Keri Facer’s new book,

Learning Futures: Education, technology and social change

in which she maintains that

“We can rewrite the relationship between education and socio-technical change.” (p.10)

As a grandparent, and having started my FE career as a Lecturer in Environmental Science in 1975, I’m struck by Keri’s attention throughout to intergenerational and sustainability issues as fundamental to understanding where education, and schools, need to go in future. This is the first time I’ve seen ILT issues set so well in that context.

Along with Neil Selwyn’s most recent book,  “Education and Technology : Key Issues and Debates“, this provides an invaluable contemporary look at the socio-technical ecosystem within which all the changes going on in society, and the evolution of ILT use in FE particularly, need to be considered.

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