So What Is Next? ReLearn

In my last post I wrote about my disappointing knockback at the IoE. At the same time I added some sub-text to this site’s name. The text, which you can see underneath the iltinfe banner above, said:-

… and whatever comes next ….

I recently gave up any remaining thoughts that I might return to my IoE-based research, just at the same time as my intention to “… continue to enjoy my research journey, whether following a university route map, or at my own pace and guided by my own inner signposts” was starting to focus on a worthy goal.

This morning, prodded by the symbolism of the new year’s arrival, I started work on the NVivo 9 project I’ve created to accompany a new research theme. This theme meets the criterion of being  “closer to my immediate interests 5 years into my Third Age” very well. I’m setting out to use it as the basis for the serious end of my own learning (along with all the other less-serious learning themes I follow).

My ReLearn research project will be a study of “Retirement Learning” ….

….  my thoughts on the form it will take, and whether I’ll aim to return to formal academic study with it, are embryonic.

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  • nivekd  On January 1, 2012 at 16:46

    Interesting – and we granddads must re-learn together!

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