Cold[ish] Comfort

It’s just a year since I got the unexpected shock I posted about at the time which, in effect, ended my career-long engagement with ILT In FE. I knew at the time there was something very odd about what had happened, though I was careful to avoid any direct criticism in my post.

After raising a formal complaint, and initially having it dismissed, polite but persistent challenging of the way the university had handled my upgrade submission (and then handled my complaint) recently resulted in my receiving a written apology from the Academic Registrar, a declaration that the IoE upgrade decision was null and void, and a full refund of the substantial course fees for the year in which it all happened. In other words, more than I asked for at the time! So, why cold comfort?

In responding to the Academic Registrar’s “If you remain dissatisfied, it remains open to you to proceed to Complaint Review.” invitation I replied:-

“I remain, inevitably, dissatisfied by the waste of 4 years’ work, by the loss of the 3 years’ fees that I didn’t ask you to refund and the many other “costs” incurred – but, most acutely, by the disappointment of not being able to complete my intended research … [but] … I do not wish or intend to take the matter any further – either within IoE or via OIA.”

That’s cold[ish] I’d say. But, with some salutary lessons learned, I can now move on. I had enjoyed my MPhil/PhD work right through till the day it all fell apart a year ago, and learned a lot from it. That’s the comfort.

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  • nivekd  On July 25, 2012 at 13:38

    A bitter sweet result…. Take care, John – and onwards and upwards. All the best.

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