Looking Forward ….

I thought I’d left IT behind completely, but exploratory ReLearn interviews I carried earlier this year reminded me how IT has now become a significant component in the lives of many people my age – and a worthwhile focus for work that would combine my ambition to refocus my research in a forward-looking way without throwing away my past experiences.

So, having decided to make a fresh start back at the University of Lincoln (registered for MPhil/PhD this month), it looks like IT will still be part of my research agenda. The research aim (just 50 words, as instructed by my supervisor, and still needing approval by her as appropriately focussed for MPhil/PhD) ….

“In current socio-economic conditions , more post-60s need to “age in place” ; learning to manage challenges and opportunities as they become older ; supported by better-integrated public services, community infrastructure and technology. This research will investigate the contribution of technology to post-60s’ learning for wellbeing in a village community.”

Reading Kerri Facer’s book – and in particular its treatment of integenerational issues – early in 2011 sowed the seeds of the idea for this new direction; which was nourished by exposure to thinking about the retirement & aging challenges inherent in our longer term demographic & economic situation; stimulated by the “learning as becoming” ideas I found in Wenger; and given a real-world context by involvement in patients’ participation prompted by concern about NHS reorganisation proposals.

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